Can I see your portfolio and the past businesses you have engage with?

Yes, please head over to our portfolio and designs tab at www.Hstudio.com/ourworks

If you have more questions, you can ask us directly too at 016-840 7310 or [email protected].

We will reply you promptly within working hours!

I want to know more details, can we meet up and talk?

Yes, can I have your name and phone number please?
Then, I can whatsapp or give you a call to ask for some details first, then schedule a meet-up or Online Call with you.

Under your Social-Media Package, what do you provide?

Hi! Thank you for your question.
In this Starter-Package, we provide 3 important resources for you to kick-start and grow your business online. They are 1-minute Short Commercial Video, 20 High-Quality Photos, 3 Infographic Posts.

You can see more references, examples and details on our landing page!

— > hstudio.com/high-social-media-converting-package

After I have registered, how is the process going to be like?
Upon registration, we will send an email to you or whatsapp/call you directly to schedule a meeting.
We will have a meeting (face-to-face or online call) for us to know more about your business before we give you a proposal on what we plan to do for you, what is suitable, and how it would look like.

Then, we will arrange timing with you, take and shoot photo-videos within 1-3 days at your restaurant/business place or you can send your products over to us.

Most importantly, we will guarantee a One-Week Delivery of all the end products back to you!

*unless there are more requests on amendments to work with!

(We highly emphasize on delivering only Good Quality products and Quick & Efficient Delivery.)

How much do I have to pay overall? Are there other hidden costs?

The total pricing for this Social-Media-Package is RM 650 nett only! (**While the promotion lasts)

We do not have any extra costs not stated but we do suggest you to go through our FAQs and Invoicing T&C always.

Also, we do require a 40% deposit upfront after our first meeting/scheduled call before we send over our proposal to you. And the remaining 60% upon delivering the products.

HStudio Creative Production is a Video Production Studio in Malaysia